Griffintown Condo real estate market is currently the most active in Canada

Interview with Patrice Groleau, real estate broker and owner of the largest real estate agency specialized in the sale and marketing of new condo real estate projects in Quebec and leader in Montreal.

Griffintown Condo

Real estate developer Devimco is, along with DevMcGill, one of the first developers to revitalize Griffintown. Devimco currently has the largest real estate project in Montreal, called District Griffin: a multi-phased new condo real estate project in 3 different sectors, namely, Bassins du Havre, Peel sector near ÉTS and the St-Ann area surrounded by 3 parks and man-made ponds near St-Ann park. DevMcGill is on the verge of completing the 4th and final phase of its new condo real estate project M9 located in the Multimedia area at the junction of Griffintown and Old Montreal.

Griffintown for Sale

Grffintown is at an advantage with a perfect geographical location with Old Montreal on its eastern side, Bassins du Havre and Lachine Canal on the South, Atwater market on the West and Downtown with its universities and its financial sector in its northern side. As commonly referred to in real estate, it is a “prime location for real estate in Montreal. McGill Real Estate, real estate agency is responsible for the sales of most of the largest new condo real estate projects in Montreal and is proud today for its implication in the development of one of the largest real estate projects in Montreal. Real estate developer Devimco is the pioneer of this revitalization which will allow for Griffintown to see the day as a new area called District Griffin.

Griffintown Real Estate

The Griffintown district will soon have a grocery store, drug store, several public spaces and parks, etc. throughout phases 1 and 3 of the District Griffin real estate project. Real estate developer Devimco actually has one of the best ratios in Montreal in terms of occupied space ratio versus green and public areas where quality living, working and having fun become one. Hurry up and invest in a district with a future that is very affordable at the moment in comparison with its bordering neighbourhoods. The urbanization curve is quickly accelerating in Montreal. Since 2000, half as many single-dwelling houses are being built while the construction of condos is multiplying. Montreal is a major city and its prices will one day be comparable to that of Toronto, Vancouver, Paris and New York! The main reason is that Montreal is an island rich in natural rareties.

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