Condo Outremont or Condo Westmount?

Condo Outremont or Condo Westmount for a condo for sale in Montreal ?

Patrice Groleau – july 2012

The disparity between the two of the most exclusive districts of Montreal, Outremont and Westmount is quickly fading away. Being a reflection of a linguistic reality dating from a while back, these two neighbours of Mount-Royal, Outremont, the French-speaking on the North side and Westmount, the English-speaking one on the South are experiencing significant demographic changes.

Indeed, the very wealthy Montrealers, predominantly Anglophone just a few years ago, are now living among the wealthy Francophones whose number is quickly increasing. That is why Outremont is seeing a growth like never seen before as the stronghold of the French-speaking bourgeoisie. However, Westmount also receives its share of Francophone, why? The main reason is perhaps that there are 4 times more houses for sale in Westmount versus Outremont. Unless you are very patient, it is difficult to find a gem in Outremont while looking for an upscale historical property! Talk to brokers who are mentioning a never seen before shortage of houses for sale in Outremont.

Another difference that greatly benefits Outremont is the quality of its commercial streets, number of green and public spaces. The feeling of a neighbourly life is much stronger in Outremont. In Westmount, there is still a rift between the Upper and the Lower neighbourhoods. More and more people are leaving the North side of Sherbrooke Street to flock to the South in close proximity to more popular commercial arteries referred to as the Victoria Village near the new McGill University Health Centre (Glen Campus). The wealthy Anglophones seem to be moving toward the West Island while the wealthy Francophones are swarming to downtown Montreal coming in from up North, the East-end and the South Shore. Significant changes will impact cultural presence, restaurants, schools, etc.

One thing is certain whether in French or English, the Montreal real estate market remains healthy and looking ahead to a bright future. With scarcity of land and the thickening in population of the metropolitan areas, Outremont and Westmount with their isolated homes on large lots will be an exception on the island, however, with rarity comes an increase in prices. Many already find that the prices are skyrocketing and they are surely not about to drop now. So if these two neighbourhoods are of interest to you, take the plunge today!

If you want a more affordable option consider the condo but even at that condo projects are scarce and sell quickly.

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