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Built in 1913, the Northern Electric building quickly dominated the urban landscape in Montreal’s South?West. Home to the historic Northern Electric manufacturing company, the building symbolizes the birth of a modern society. Le Nordelec brings us back to the golden era of telecommunications and electric devices, which led this Montreal manufacturer of wire and electrical cable to build a veritable industrial complex. At the height of its success, as many as 12,000 employees came to work here every day. With its distinctive red brick facades anchored by a rough stone foundation and enlivened by the pattern of its enormous windows, Le Nordelec is a remarkable example of Montreal’s early 20th century industrial architecture.

Nordelec Condos Montreal


Le Nordelec is an historical building with exceptional architectural qualities offering New-York loft style condo space.

Le Nordelec is very well located. Adjacent to the Montreal downtown district, it has very close access to all major metropolitan expressways. Furthermore, it is close to the many different residential areas of the Montreal South West sector, as well as being easily accessible from the South Shore through the Victoria and Champlain bridges.

Le Nordelec is right in the middle of the revitalized sector of the Montreal South West. The Lachine Canal has been renovated and was opened to small craft navigation in 2002. Years into the making of this revitalization, the Canal, which became a pleasant leisure attraction, has refueled the regeneration of the area into an interesting mixed-use environment: office, residential and commercial.

Nordelec Condos Montreal

Nordelec Borough

Taking long unhurried strolls along the Lachine Canal. Having many eco-friendly ways to get downtown: by bicycle or Bixi (thanks to the bike path); by metro (the Charlevoix station is a 10-minute walk away); or by Communauto (from the station near the Charlevoix Metro). Being able to get anywhere in no time flat (thanks to quick access to highways 720, 15 and 10). Satisfying your inner foodie at the Atwater Market. Being entertained in the quartier des spectacles.?Strolling through romantic Old Montreal. Exploring antique stores, art galleries and stores, all just steps away.

Nordelec Condos Montreal

Nordelec Creative Genius

Since the mid 2000’s, the Nordelec has become a vibrant creative hub. Its New York-style lofts have attracted hundreds of cutting edge start-ups and established businesses that jumped at the chance of calling it home. The transformation of the 6th, 7th and 8th floors into residential spaces – as well as the extension of the building’s 4th wing, which will soon house brand new urban condos – give you a unique opportunity to acquire your living space in a building with unparalleled character.

Nordelec Live+ work + play

Le Nordelec is so much more than one of the largest heritage brick building in North America. It’s a vision of the future of Montreal’s South-West: a borough in full flight. Le Nordelec is a comprehensive project that envisions a city within the city where living, working and up-to- the-minute or in vogue shopping harmoniusly coexist to hatch a new way of life.

I work here. I am here. I live here.

Nordelec Condos Montreal

Nordelec Authentic lofts

The conversion of Le Nordelec’s existing floors is a tribute to original character, as attested by its hundred-year-old bricks, industrial architecture, and ceilings reaching dizzying heights. The fusion of past and present intertwined throughout the lofts lends them irresistible authentic flair.

Nordelec Your multi-level condo

Authentic multi-level lofts maximize ceiling height and highlight the nobility of the materials used. Beautifully integrated within the historical building’s industrial spirit, the multi-level penthouses offer all of today’s modern comforts.

Nordelec Materials

Huge windows and high ceilings. Hickory or black walnut hardwood floors. Fully-equipped laboratory kitchen (vent, built-in dishwasher, microwave and oven, integrated refrigerator, ceramic cooktop). Kitchen counter in quartz or granite. Ceramic backsplash with pattern design options exclusive to Nordelec. Black and white or colour mosaic. Kitchen cabinets in shiny black or white, or walnut thermoplastic. Led counter lighting. Bathroom with high-end commode offering elegant performance for your most intimate needs. Bathtub perfectly combining design and comfort. Melamine cabinets in black oak Medina, white Medina or natural walnut. Ceramics available in a combination of black, white or grey hexagons. Wall ceramics in black, grey of white stripes. Bathroom and laundry room floors in white or black flecked ceramics.

Nordelec Condos Montreal

Nordelec Common areas

Among Le Nordelec’s common areas is an urban lounge, nestled on the 8th floor. Impress your guests in this inviting space fully equipped with gym, bar, home theatre, fireplaces and barbecues. The rooftop terrace, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the city or starlit dips in the swimming pool, will make your heart sing.

Nordelec Condos Montreal

Nordelec Views and Greenery

The configuration of Le Nordelec’s wings allowed us to create one-of-a-kind hanging gardens. Above these islands of green, restored walkways provide breathtaking vistas of Montreal.

Nordelec Condos Montreal

Nordelec Shopping arcade

Numerous businesses, retail stands, restaurants and gourmet shops open to the public, will bring Le Nordelec’s main floor to life. The shopping arcade will be a buzzing urban marketplace, right at your fingertips.

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Nordelec Condos Montreal

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