Griffintown McGill University Campus & District Griffin

DISTRICT GRIFFIN – Devimco and real estate agency McGill real estate launches the largest sales office in Canada !

In addition to serving as District Griffin flagship to see the different phases of the project with two condos models built to scale. District Griffin will present a retrospective of the history of Griffintown and its architectural.

Indeed, the promoter Devimco anxious to preserve the historic character of the old Griffintown retains buildings of heritage value and architectural importance. Devimco will redevelop vacant lots and parking and for the buildings mainly sheds, garages, warehouses with no historical or architectural value in the eyes of the population.

For District Griffin, Devimco works closely with leading firms of architects and urban planners, some of world’s best. The architectural signature of the different phases of District Griffin is created from visual and architectural history of Griffintown to make harmonious coexistence of the new and old. All this in order to create a neighborhood in harmony with its past to the benefit of residents.

It is true that the Griffintown needed a makeover after experiencing a substantial decline in its population over the decades following the collapse of the industrial sector economy. Devimco will revitalize Griffintown with planning based on today’s realities rather than an industrial reality of another era while respecting the heritage of his first Irish residents. Meet the McGill real estate agency brokers who will be pleased to present the district and the proposed future DISTRICT GRIFFIN!

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McGill University wants to set up a campus in Griffintown

The involvement of McGill University in creating an “Innovation Square ‘in Montreal District Griffin (Griffintown), were presented publicly for the first time. The project, known as the “Quartier Innovation”  (QI), aims to create a collaboration to innovate at the level of academic and professional programs, and serve as a campus of McGill University. Partners from McGill University in QI include the “École de technologie supérieur”e and the Quebec government and the companies named in the recommendations QI, such as Bombardier, Google, and Monsant. The development of QI will undergo further consultation in order to create a preliminary business plan by the end of March 2012.

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