Mary Robert Condo project in Griffintown

A vision for the future: a legacy for the city

MaryRobert Condominiums is the gateway to the Griffintown neighbourhood, on the outskirts of the Bonaventure project and at the southern end of Peel Street. Erected in a prominent location, the twin towers are similar, yet distinct, each housing approximately 250 studio units, 1 to 3-bedroom condos and penthouses. Anchored in history, while resolutely turning toward the future, these two towers play on duality, highlighting an exceptionally streamlined silhouette and the roughness of raw materials. Their promise? A housing project aimed at ardent fans of the city. While the towers converse with the city, the commercial space converses with the neighbourhood, with Griffintown. Located on the ground floor of the project is a 22,000-square-foot commercial area designed to enhance the quality of life and urban vibrancy of the neighbourhood.

Bold and provocative architecture

MaryRoberts condo griffintown new condo for sale

Acting as a beacon marking the entrance to the city, the two MaryRobert project towers converse without direct interaction as they stand side-by-side. Their architecture attests to the dynamism of the area, where many major arteries converge. Set above the commercial space as if on a pedestal, they redefine the area with a welcoming raised inner courtyard. Housing units coexist with collective spaces in a true hanging garden, just like Mount Royal. The structure will highlight the duality of the two towers, drawing on both dialogue and opposition.

Offering a contrast of light-dark nuances, the organic and the mineral will meet in harmonious interplay.

History behind the project name

From the mountain to the river, the two towers of the MaryRobert project will mark the end of a journey. They will each personify two characters who left their mark on Montréal: Mary Griffin and Robert Peel. Two towers, two first names that shaped the city. But above all, the project epitomizes a heroic woman, resolutely modern, current, vibrant and luxurious.

A prime location at the entrance to Griffintown

MaryRobert: at the heart of a thoughtful and successful neighbourhood

Already well known as an established and sought-after neighbourhood across North America, Griffintown will shine even more thanks to MaryRobert! In fact, the project has been unveiled as a mixed-use development, marrying residential with commercial. Thanks to a commercial centre located on the ground floor of the two towers, MaryRobert will offer new vitality to the Peel-Wellington area. This gives the entire district an exceptional dynamic and urbanism that is already serving as an example on an international scale. MaryRobert: an incomparable quality of life, a visionary concept!

A project emerging as the future axis of public transit

Mary Roberts new condo project griffintown

A visionary, forward-looking project, MaryRobert enjoys an unequaled geographic location, which will become the future public transport corridor of the city. Mary Robert is the closest real estate project to the future REM train station, which will link the neighbourhood to downtown, the South Shore and Montréal-Trudeau Airport.

With this signature project, Devimco Immobilier succeeds in offering Griffintown residents a living environment where the experience is as unforgettable as it is incomparable.

The culmination of an iconic route

The MaryRobert project marks the entrance to Montréal and to Griffintown, on the outskirts of the Bonaventure access road and at the end of Peel Street, recognized as the connecting artery between the Lachine Canal and Mount Royal. The MaryRobert project is a culmination of an iconic Montréal route, on the edge of the new Smith promenade, like a hyphen linking the mountain to the Peel Basin. 

Acting as a beacon in our Montréal landscape, MaryRobert ensures a quintessential harmony in the intelligent development of Griffintown. Ultimately, a bold and idealistic real estate vision, both for Griffintown and for the entire city.

Bold common areas. A lavish lifestyle

A grand entrance that turns heads

Crossing the two towers and creating a perfect union between both project entities, the majestic hall at MaryRobert beckons you into a sumptuous atmosphere where many works of art are on display. Located on Peel Street, this expansive lobby features a business centre with meeting room, inspired by coworking spaces. 

On the second floor, an elevated inner courtyard abounds with greenery and evergreens. This lush haven of vegetation is inspired by Mount Royal, an emblem of Montréal’s natural heritage. Here, nature and the city come together in a harmonious and inspiring union.

A cosy and refined urban lounge

MaryRobert completely redefines the very concept of living spaces by unveiling a lounge inspired by the most exclusive private clubs. In addition to an elegant grand piano, you will also find an opulent indoor fireplace, a pool table, a bar area, a catering area and a kitchen nook. This prestigious space, designed by the esteemed firm Blazys & Gérard, can also be privatized for your exclusive events.

Two summits: The quintessence of urban luxury

The two towers of the MaryRobert project invite you to enjoy urban altitude at its most sumptuous. On one peak, dive into the aptly named « Infinity Pool ». On the other, unwind in the refreshing pool or revive yourself under the mister. When evening falls on the city, enjoy the lounges, BBQ spaces and outdoor fireplaces on both rooftops.

Sport and relaxation in perfect harmony

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to experience MaryRobert’s unique relaxation facilities. Choose between the indoor or outdoor spa, enjoy the dry sauna, the temperate pool, cold showers reminiscent of Nordic spas, and then relax in the rest area connected to the verdant landscape of the inner courtyard. Feel like moving? A fitness area with a fully equipped gym is waiting just for you.

In short, MaryRobert offers you a complete health centre right where you call home.

Prestigious condos where true style is revealed with splendour

The living space you always dreamed of

At MaryRobert, sumptuous living spaces are more important than ever! Whether you are looking for a loft-type studio or a 1, 2 or 3-bedroom condo, you will be dazzled by the distinguished and magnificent atmosphere of every unit.

Thanks to its sizable windows, you will feel like the outdoors has been invited into the heart of your home. Offering stunning views of downtown, or the shores of the Lachine Canal, where you can also fully enjoy the many loggias and outdoor walkways. MaryRobert: a truly luxurious condominium project!

Exclusive upscale finishing

In addition to its engineered hardwood floors, you will find a kitchen with a very large island featuring 75 mm-thick quartz counters, Italian appliances with separate oven and cooktop, as well as niche lighting for a dramatic and cosy effect. The plumbing fixtures, as well as the signature sinks in each unit were exclusively designed for the project.

In the bathrooms, a shower and bath with quartz shelf await you, in addition to a skirted toilet. Smoked glass walls are also available as an option for even more elegant style. Every unit features 7-foot doors. Eight-foot doors are also available as an option.

Ultra-refined penthouses. Elegance, comfort and distinction

Interiors worthy of a work of art

Sumptuous penthouses, spanning 1 or 2 floors, is what MaryRobert offers you. But because a signature project requires exceptional distinction, each penthouse represents a wave of the future for luxury real estate in Griffintown and the city.

The MaryRobert penthouses: incomparable and unequaled like you have never seen before!

Your signature penthouse awaits!

Because we wanted to go even further than all the luxury built into the project condos, each penthouse in the MaryRobert project was well thought out and designed to further increase its elegance and refinement.

You will find appliances from the renowned German brand Miele, a wine cellar, a kitchen featuring a thermoplastic finish, as well as superior grade quartz counters. Each penthouse will have 10-foot ceilings, plus lavish double-glazed floors and 8-foot doors.

Do you dream of a spacious private terrace with a breathtaking view of the city or the canal? Your dream will come true with MaryRobert penthouses!

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