McGill Real Estate supports construction of a school in Peru

On November 4 last several leaders of Quebec inc. were given appointments in the Nordelec building for an evening profit whose goal was to raise funds for a project to build a school in Peru.

McGill real estate, a real estate agency specializing in the sale and marketing of condo projects in Montreal was represented by its owner Mr. Patrice Groleau. “A school is maybe the only thing that our team at McGill real estate, would never have to sell, we decided instead to give one to underprivileged children enabling them thereby to have access to education and better prospects. ”

The project under the responsibility of Yves Morin in collaboration with the organization Wings of Hope, which provides the infrastructure and experience of several decades and, without waiting any monetary compensation in return. This means the use of various services this organization without the donations are used, the total money collected, directly benefiting those who really need it.

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