Montreal Condo

Montreal Condo

Behind the scenes… The Montreal real estate market is currently undergoing a never seen before strength in the history of the city. Developers are competing to offer the type of condos that will make their project a business success.

People find themselves bombarded by information and it is becoming particularly difficult for buyers to make a choice and ultimately make a decision on one of the most important purchases of their lives.

McGill Real Estate firmly believes that quality and sales knowledge are key factors to make a difference in today’s market. The emphasis must be put on nuances and details.

Patrice Groleau & Debby Doktorczyk are the owners of the largest real estate agency specialized in the sales and marketing of condo projects in Quebec.
A team of specialized real estate brokers has been selected through one of the most rigorous and selective hiring processes in the industry.

The agency evaluates hundreds of resumes on a monthly basis but only a few candidates are called upon for interviews and less than 5% are ultimately recruited.

McGill Real Estate is in fact one of the only agencies in Quebec to not hire its brokers on the spot and one of the rare ones to let go of brokers that are not able to maintain the high standards the agency is well known for.

Most of the agency’s brokers are university graduates besides holding a real estate license and having had a specialized training on the sales of condo projects as well as continued schooling on the real estate market.

McGill Real Estate’s brokers can present a global image of the real estate market to buyers. They are not sales people; they are real estate consultants.

To see beyond the visuals…

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words but in the sale of new condominiums each picture must be explained, analyzed with the buyer in order to draw the right conclusions and ultimately guide to the right decisions.

It is the accumulation of strong points that give a project power; buyers often put too much emphasis on a single item whether it is the waterfront aspect, the view, the metro, a park, a trendy restaurant, etc.

The right investment is the perfect balance between one or several interest points and a multitude of less “glamorous” points at first sight such as the price, the price per square foot, the design, the flow, the layout, the finishing options, the environment, assessment potential, etc.

McGill Real Estate is equally selective of the real estate projects it represents. Why? The success of a real estate project lies in the perfect marriage of a group of very complex elements.

Some projects seem to be a sure thing at first, however, a good project requires more than a wow factor in order to be a success.

McGill Real Estate has the expertise to anticipate the success rate of a project. The agency’s deep understanding of the new condominium market allows its members to quickly determine the factors leading to an accurate assessment.

Why not consult a real estate broker specialized in real estate project for the purchase of your condo!

McGill Real Estate, Real Estate Agency – Leader of the condo in Montreal



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