Montreal: world’s best student city

Our beautiful city shines again. Already recognized as a smart city thanks to the amazing development of the video game industry, among others, Montreal also stands as a strategic location in the business world. Not to mention its real estate market has experienced unprecedented growth in the last couple of years. But now, students say they prefer our city to other major cities as their academic destination. Quebecers are known for their festive spirit and their kindness touches the heart of any foreigner who stays in Quebec. But what makes so many people decide to live here? It is a fact that Montreal is the multicultural epicenter of Quebec. The city knows how to celebrate culture and the incredibly wide range of cultural entertainment activities holds a strong power of attraction. However, there are many other factors that motivate university students from around the world to choose our city as their alma mater.

Université Montréal

The quality of our academic programs has a global reputation, but the recognition of acquired skills and bilingual education are also high on the list of criteria. Furthermore, compared to many other major metropolises, tuition, housing as well as the cost of living are very reasonable; which translates into a higher purchasing power. And that is very attractive to students and most people in general! In addition, one must admit, the current instability in American politics benefits Canada. Indeed, researchers see not only an interesting and stable economic future here, but they also know they will be able to complete their research projects. Montreal’s economic life is one that is very dynamic and a high percentage of its graduates find employment quickly. Not to mention the streets and neighborhoods are all very safe for a city this big. Those are all good reasons why many decide to stay after their studies are completed. With an abundant and extremely diverse real estate offer, it is not surprising that so many people succumb to the charms of Montreal and fill that irresistible urge to make our big island their home.

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