REAL ESTATE PRINCIPLES – Condo Project Montreal, McGill agency broker (Griffintown)

Some basic principles in real estate …

By Patrice Groleau

Regardless of the principle, always remember … there are no bad properties but only bad prices … a fair price for the worst property can be even become a bargain!

The main districts that will not go out of fashion are Outremont, Westmount, Downtown, Old Montreal, etc…

Recognizing the important points and interesting properties is key.

Don’t think that you will make money by buying anything at just any price.

Invest in distinctive properties in terms of location; be it waterfront, near the park, setting, unique land, and original layout to name a few.

A smaller home in a large residence sector rather than the reverse, the fact that the surroundings are upscale will push the value of the property through the roof …

Principle of scarcity such as a condo in Outremont versus a condo at the junction of Highways 10/30 on the South Shore built in out of sight in fields.

Condos have emerged to allow people to live at more affordable prices, in areas of interest where a house is exponentially more expensive therefore not financially feasible.

Buy properties with good foundations such as windows, roof, electrical / plumbing instead of only considering aesthetics.

Be aware that a new sector does not grow as fast as we think but gradually; starting with the areas adjacent to established neighborhoods.

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