Should real estate project be sold by real estate brokers?

Should the government impose real estate developers to hire real estate brokers to sell new condos in Quebec?

Patrice Groleau, owner of the McGill Real Estate Agency real estate leader and specialist of new condos in Montreal, decides on the value of real estate brokers in the sale of new condo real estate projects. McGill Real Estate, Montreal Condos

Real Estate Broker- Real estate brokers represent both the interest of the buyer & the developer.

- Real state brokers have a license which can be suspended, fined or such, for any mispresentation made to buyers.

- Manitoba already requires sellers of real estate projects to be licensed real estate brokers.

- The Government is currently reviewing the law on condominiums in order to protect the public. The requirement for developers to hire a real estate broker for the sale of their project is strictly imposed to protect the public.

- Specialization in the sale of projects is key for the consumer, you do not become a project seller overnight.

- The mere imposition of realtors is not enough, there must be quality controls on the integrity of the services provided by the realtors to the new condo buyer.

- The vast majority of stakeholders in the real estate project industry are in favor of better regulations to prevent conflicts with some developers who do not keep their promises through their sales and thus damaging the image of honest players, and the integrity of the industry as a whole.

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