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220,000$ à 970,000$ +tx.
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Condos Silhouette, 85 condos for sale Old Montreal

Condos Silhouette on de la Commune near McGill in the Old Port in heart of Old Montreal facing the water, the locks and the famous Silo No. 5.

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Montreal is a great city for everyone. It is ranked as one of the top places in the world to live, yet the day-to-day expenses are still considered affordable. Rapid developments of new residential condominiums in many areas lead to new businesses, and this is good for residents because many consumer goods are in competitive prices. Job opportunities are abundant thanks to many new businesses which are moving to Montreal, including engineering and IT sectors. In nearly every corner of the city, you will find restaurants offering culinary treasures of different cultures with their distinct recipes. Some of them are fancy restaurants, while others are more budget-friendly. Compared to any city in North America, Montreal has more restaurants per capita. The city of Montreal has also invented an excellent way to make a long cold winter enjoyable. Montreal is home to an Underground City which is linked to many services on the surface including Metro stations, universities, banks, hotels, condominiums, apartments, bus terminals, shopping malls, and more. The Underground City is used by about 500,000 people every day during winter. It is a vast network of tunnels filled with shops, restaurants, bar and even a cinema. It has more than 20 miles of tunnels spread within an area of 4.6 square miles. From the surface, the Underground City is accessible from more than 120 access points. For students or families, Montreal provides some of the best educational facilities (which double as recreational areas), for examples the Montreal Biodome and Montreal Botanical Garden. The former is filled with a depiction of real-world ecosystems along with numerous animals and plants species of America including tropical forest, St. Lawrence Marine ecosystem, polar ecosystem (both Arctic and Antarctic), and Laurentian forest. There is even a gift shop where you can find plenty of creative gifts. Montreal Botanical Garden is a perfect place for birdwatchers to observe how various species of birds interact and live in their natural habitats. Most people in Montreal prefer living in apartments. If you have a more refined taste than an apartment penthouse may be an even better alternative. A penthouse is an ideal home to live in; it allows you to have a quiet private environment without actually leaving the center of the city. When you are finally ready to welcome the pleasure of luxury living in a penthouse, feel free to call McGill Immobilier, a reputable real estate developer and agency in Montreal, Quebec.
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