Why a condo in Montreal?


Many people seem surprised by the enthusiasm generated by the new type of housing that is about to, completely change the landscape of real estate in Montreal. Indeed mode Condo Montreal is creating a real revolution. But this revolution was predictable, it is global and we’re only beginning here in Montreal.

The era where we lived in the same house all his life is over. Most people will move several times at different times of their lives: Study, Singles, Couple, Family, Retirement, and the condo in Montreal is the most appropriate response to most of these steps.

Indeed many are surprised to learn that the curve of urbanization of the condo in Montreal is the same for all major cities on the planet. The only difference is that each city is at different stages. In Montreal, the scarcity of land and rising land values, cause this densification mandatory, just create a quest for accessibility. Consequently resulting in a concession area to reduce the cost. This eliminates the unnecessary parts and corners and maximizes space. For condos in Montreal, developers are becoming more imaginative in order to succeed in creating spaces highly functional and comfortable.

This slight concession area is compensated by the exponentially close to our workplace, access to this popular district of Montreal, which becomes an extension of our home. The coffee shop is an extension of our dining room, cinema an extension of our living room, parks an extension of our terrace. This proximity saves us a lot of time on our trips, cars, maintenance, renovation, etc.. while a long term investment, so ask a New Yorker or a Parisian he regrets buying his small studio a few years ago? The condos in Montreal are here to stay, can not continue to build bungalows, row houses, duplexes with such values ??of land. Montreal is an island so that artificial scarcity is not everything but what is more natural.

Some think that the suburbs is an option but it will always be a concession, men strong in the cities since the beginning of time for access, proximity, services, diversity of supply but also the culture, the identity, etc.. The first thing people try to make their suburb is to add anything you find in big cities. While at the same price we’re going to the suburbs in a slightly larger copy of the city or you opt to remove the extra space and the original live? The only island of Montreal, a city unique in North America. You never hear a tourist say, “I’d like to see Laval before I die!” Think about it …

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