Montreal Condo, Why buy a condo in Montreal today ?

If you now believe that a condo in Montreal is the home of the future and you wish to purchase, don’t hesitate to visit the various McGill real estate condo projects. Real estate broker Montreal, Real estate agency Montreal, Condo for sale Montreal, Condo Montreal, McGill.

McGill Real Estate participates in many real estate seminars worldwide & they all concur about the Montreal market place.

- Condos in Montreal are less expensive when compared to other large cities in Canada and around the world, in particular the G8.
- Interest rates are lower when compared to other strong world markets.
- The Canadian banking system is now one of the strongest in the world, which benefits the Montreal condo market.
- Construction costs in Montreal increased 10% per year versus a 1.5% increase of the purchasing power.
- Montreal’s ever increasing urbanization is beneficial for condo buyers and owners.
- Montreal’s expansion is limited because it is an island so condo prices will increase faster in urban Montreal than in the suburbs.
- Montreal’s expansion is limited by its watery boundaries, so the condo prices will increase faster than in the suburbs.
- Soon condos will be the only type of affordable residences for buyers in Montreal.
-According to statistics, the value of condos in Montreal will increase over the next few years.
- A condo in Montreal means quality of life, walking distance from services, less traffic and much more.
- A condo in Montreal fills the needs of everyday life at a lower cost.
- More people are returning to live in the city. A condo in Montreal is the best solution..
-Over the next few years, people will leave the suburbs for a condo in Montreal.
- The enormous costs of urban sprawl for infrastructure (roads, sewers, etc.) will effect the quality of services (hospitals,universities, etc.) in the suburbs; one more advantage to owning a condo in Montreal.

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