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M9 phase 4 – Life Hotel in downtown

The fourth phase of the M9 have, among other things, a rooftop pool.

On June 2, 2011

Danielle Bonneau, La Presse

(Montreal) The fourth phase of the complex M9, which takes shape in the vicinity of the Bonaventure, will mark the end of a journey that began seven years ago. The 18-storey building, which will rise above all the surrounding buildings, will be (among others) on the rooftop pool, a whirlpool, a barbecue area, TV room and ample space relaxation with breathtaking views over the surrounding area. It would also house a grocery store on the ground floor.

“Many want to live in luxurious surroundings, like a hotel, even if it means a smaller apartment, says Stéphane Côté, President DevMcGill. With the magnitude of this phase, which will include 155 units, we can give more scope for common areas. The owners may enjoy the services of the building and those offered nearby. They can swim in the rooftop pool, workout in the large exercise room or jog along the Lachine Canal. Luxury, then, becomes affordable. ”

The M9 attracts a diverse clientele, 25 to 65. His greatest asset? The proximity of downtown and Old Montreal. Because many want to get to work on foot. “Many do not have cars,” says Côté. They do not need it. They use the BIXI or Communauto, or rent a car for the weekend when they go outside. ”

This fourth phase is the grand finale of a project that has always tried to be innovative. To meet the needs of today and tomorrow DevMcGill, with the assistance of the architects of the Sid Lee agency, offers a wide variety of accommodation, contemporary style, finished with demand.

The developer has thought, for example, men and women who have a small budget, but an impressive wardrobe. It proposes “the ergoloft” 430 square feet, a microappartement with a spacious wardrobe (from $ 158 000, taxes included). Units with two private rooms cheapest (645 square feet) are sold from $ 272 000, taxes included. Spacious apartments with spectacular views, will have to take up areas up to 1700 square feet.

Apartments multigenerational

DevMcGill goes further, proposing multigenerational apartments designed for buyers who want to be ready for their children or their parents (while each having their privacy). Two adjacent apartments with two separate doors or a door policy, and with two separate kitchens or single, are offered as well. Self-employed workers are not left out: spacious apartments with an office and space for entertaining clients were designed for them.

Also new to the promoter introduced the concept of a duplex condominium tower. It indeed offers the purchase of two adjoining units in order to rent one and live another. “The apartment can evolve according to the needs of the occupants,” says Louis-Migneault Conrad, vice president of operations DevMcGill. Can anyone settle for a smaller apartment for a few years and expand its facilities where permit. ”

The fourth phase of the M9, the most visible of the complex will amount to the corner of Wellington and Duke. The construction of Phase 3 has started in the holiday season, that of phase 4 should begin in June 2012. The first owners are expected to begin moving in June 2014.

Information: devmcgill.com

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