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Featured Articles, News April 12, 2012

By Valérie Vézina


Condo Montreal

December 2011. Patrice Groleau and Debby Doktorczyk are both on vacation and will return the same day, announcing their mailboxes. “Our first holiday together in two and a half!” Debby launches Doktorczyk few days later in the meeting room window McGill Immobilier.

Both Quebecers were a couple before running this estate agency in 2006.

McGill Real Estate specializes in selling new projects on the plan. “We have a business model that is different (other agencies), specify the owner, Groleau. We, we do not aim to expand our team and to have 200 agents. It does not manage people all day. ”

McGill Immobilier ( represents 20 property developers in Greater Montreal. They use the services of its thirty brokers to sell their residential developments. Often it is industrial buildings converted to condominiums, as Nordelec in the booming neighborhood southwest of Montreal, near the Lachine Canal. A project of 600 units Elad Canada.

McGill Immobilier is present in several Montreal neighborhoods. However, its primary sector remains the Old Montreal, as evidenced by one of his most recent assignments: these are BANK, a prestigious subdivision planted rue Saint-Jacques, in the old financial heart of the city. The 1907 building will retain its neoclassical facade and will house 43 residential units, built by Pure Immobilia.

It all started with a brand new loft that had transformed Doktorczyk. Trained in interior design, the young woman had fallen walls and selected materials other than those proposed by the manufacturer. Compliments of visitors had flocked. So it is said that there should be a seam there.

The word “dyke” is not random since the Belgian origin comes from a family of diamond prospectors (his mother’s shop once stood in Antwerp) and itself owns a distribution company of diamonds . Doktorczyk had the entrepreneurial spirit it takes to embark on the renovation and sale of homes. Which she did in 1999.

After this first loft, there was a duplex, triplex and multiplex. She saw the design of the house and managed sites.

At the time Lorenz was working full time in finance, despite the comforts and challenges offered him his job, he was missing something. Something about the passion. “Just quit! “Reportedly told his girlfriend …

In rooms with high ceilings of their “baby”, green eyes of Doktorczyk, 39, exude a quiet confidence. In 12 years, she became chair of a growing company and mother of three. Moreover it is to start a family and spouse completed a training broker a few years after her and they have enlisted the cooperation of other brokers thereafter, “to be replaced,” said Groleau, 34 years.

But now: the different brokers with whom they worked on their debut were “correct, nothing more. We, we said we would be able to do better, “says Lorenz.

Born in September 2006 McGill Real Estate, represented by a beautiful new contemporary logo (white and gray with a touch of red).

And who gave birth to this beautiful logo?

“This is the friend of a friend,” says Lorenz. At that time and more than once during his interview with REM, it will return the size of their network of family and friends to explain their early success.

And one of his friends, Philippe Boisclair, brother of Andre Boisclair (former Parti Québécois leader) was one of the other partners of McGill Development. It became their first corporate client.

Offices adjacent to those Dev McGill McGill Real Estate in an area of ??Old Montreal that has literally transformed in recent years and which employs always cranes. Initially the company had gear on McGill – hence the name, which takes advantage of the reputation of the university namesake.

The two founders now spend more time consulting with their clients. It may take several months before the construction of a sales office, said Doktorczyk.

Among other tasks she is responsible for planning the proper “unit mix”, that is to say, the percentage of one bedroom condominiums compared to both houses in a subdivision, for example. It is paid in residential construction itself. She worked alongside the architects.

He specializes in the sale and promotion. Such a project will be connected to francophone youth, another for retired English NDG, etc.. Risk management is another aspect of the work that appeals particularly to Groleau, who holds several degrees including a degree in risk management from the University of Quebec in Montreal, according to his profile posted online.

They have already refused to work for some developers, they say, including once because the project was too large and they were afraid of losing their shirts. Their biggest challenge was not to get carried away, to grow at a pace that they would be able to manage.

Groleau says he receives many CVs brokers interested in working for their agency “different”.

The proposal seems attractive on paper: condos generally well located, older neighborhoods in high demand, promoters from …

But beware, do not sell the nine who wants.

“The sale plan is on what is more difficult in real estate,” said the president of McGill Immobilier. This is the sale of “pure”. We must be able to conclude transactions on the spot.

“In resale, adds Doktorczyk is 75% done if the client has a heart for the property.”

Each newly hired broker must subject themselves to a three-month training in-house. Second, it must “perform” (sic). Four or five officers were dismissed in recent months due to lack of convincing ratios, reveals the duo.

Ingredients for success: Neighborhoods in demand. A strong social network. A good fund of sympathy with brokers. And what else?

Our ability to adapt, respond Groleau. Persuasive, this son of a used car salesman is not “embarrassed” to review its customers’ once they bought the product, “he says, proud as a peacock.

McGill Immobilier filled a need in the market.

It is also the fact that she arrived at a time of soaring prices on the island. But unlike Vancouver or Toronto, there are few large investors here, they note. Little or no investment funds to buy a lot of properties of a sudden, they illustrate.

Do they have any advice on who would imitate them? Suddenly they are less vocal.

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