Montreal Condo, buying condo for sale Montreal

Your condo in Montreal is the biggest investment of your life …

Change your thought process in that real estate happiness is only attained with a single family dwelling, think Montreal condo.

I have noticed coldness in houses and comforting warmth in condos in Montreal…

Choosing a condo in Montreal is like an emotional roller coaster filtering through quantitative criteria such as price, number of rooms, etc.

But we often forget the qualitative aspect of the condo. Condos are not an acquired taste; we either like a condo in Montreal or not.

The city of Montreal, the neighborhood, the lights, the layout, the condo environment, the atmosphere, the materials, the colors, the harmony, the “flow” in the condo, the design, etc… are all elements that play on emotion, the “feeling” that a condo in Montreal triggers.

In addition to quantitative criteria, the quality aspect must be considered too when evaluating a condo in Montreal.

Sometimes a 500 square feet condo is more inspiring than a 1000 square feet characterless condo.

We all like the cocooning effect of a hotel suite so if you do not need extra rooms in your condo in Montreal, if you eat out, if you never receive or host in your condo, why pay more for space that you do not absolutely need on a daily basis in Montreal.

As the condo in Montreal, all cities in the world will experience the condo real estate in one way or the other but each will live it at different stages than that of Montreal…

A house in the outskirts of downtown New York, Paris, or London is not attainable… in terms of price only; the condo is the only way to go.

You think that that reality is far for our condos? Think again. The condo in Vancouver and Toronto is already in that predicament; the condo in Montreal is inevitably going in the same direction? In a maximum of 10 years?

The value of condos in Montreal goes in function of demand, therefore, a condo in Montreal for $500,000 today is much more likely to increase by a percentage compared to a house in the Montreal area worth a $1,000,000. Why?

In 17 years, the number of people in Montreal that will be able to afford condos whose prices will have doubled will be higher in the Montreal condo circle than that of a house which although will not have doubled price will still be inaccessible.

But there is no need to worry. While the prices of condos in Canada may seem less affordable, they still pale in comparison with those in cities like New York, Tokyo and London.

Take the most expensive condos in the world: One Hyde Park in London, England.

The least expensive condo is selling for just over $10 million while the most expensive condos are selling for about $220 million. The average cost per square foot? Approximately $9,500.

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