Montreal Micro Condo

The micro condo did a grand entrance in Montreal a few years ago already through the M9 project in Old Montreal from the DevMcGill developers. We at McGill Real Estate had the opportunity to work not only in the development process but also in the marketing and sales of the new Micro version of these living spaces in Montreal.

The owner of McGill Real Estate, Patrice Groleau, is considered an expert in this field. He participated in the Micro Domus documentary series of CBC traveling throughout North America in search of the latest trends in the Micro Condo. We recommend that you read and view different takes on the subject on the McGill Real Estate Blog.

Micro Condo MontrealNow that these new layouts have been introduced to the lifestyles of the buyers in Montreal, a new revolution is emerging according to Patrice Groleau, McGill Real Estate.

“You will see sums of money that buyers are willing to invest in order to occupy these micro condos to make them ultra functional now that selling prices have reached a tipping point, justifying the finishing / purchase price ratio. Genuine boat cabins where every square inch is maximized and exploited and where ingenuity will make these ultra functional and friendly spaces. ”

“More and more you will see developers offering micro condo options but also more buyers who will buy empty condos (without finishing) hiring architects and designers to create true architectural masterpieces in terms of custom made furniture, divisions, modules, etc. ”

We stumbled upon this little gem of a condo that was completely gutted to be reorganized in terms of layout and maximized functionality. Watch the slideshow and video below to see what the micro condo trend will become in the Montreal Condo Market.

Micro Condo Montreal


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