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The project Outremont campus of the University of Montreal


• The draft of the new campus will occupy approximately 300 000 m2 of university buildings.

Immediate needs are 70 000 m2.

The University of Montreal bought in 2006, the site of the former yard of the CPR. She wants to give the industry a new vocation, located near subway stations and Acadia Outremont, to transform it into a university district and residential area.

• It can also create hard links to the secteursavoisinants and consider the benefits in these sectors.

• The project will consolidate a residential area, complementing the frame residential Outremont, by the construction of 1300 housing and 4 acres of parkland.

The new district, which recently received the green light, is LEED-ND.

The creation of pedestrian and bicycle linkages is considered.

• The project focuses on accessibility by public transport and active for 75% of all trips.

Project UMpresentation City Campus Outremont Montreal May 2010



Outremont unfolds gracefully, since its founding in 1875, along the eastern slope of Mount Royal, near downtown Montreal. Residents of Outremont, in addition to living a stone’s throw from downtown Montreal, enjoy recreational facilities and local services of superior quality. Its shopping streets contain restaurants and shops are among the most sought after neighborhood, and Outremont offers families some of the best public and private schools in the region. All these ingredients combine to welcome you warmly.

Since 1 January 2002, Outremont is a borough of the new city of Montreal. Its territory covers 382 hectares making it one of the smallest boroughs of the new city of Montreal, a feature that gives it an intimacy that is usually associated with small towns in the region. Outremont has a majority francophone population of about 23,000 people, but there are a large Hasidic Jewish community, which represents about 20% thereof.

Walking through the district, sumptuous mansions attract our attention because of their rarity and their seniority. Through the work of the architects of Outremont, we quickly notice the exceptional character of these buildings and houses that add a unique architectural heritage of the neighborhood. The larger homes along the Côte Sainte-Catherine) and extend beyond it on the mountainside. The borough also includes townhouses, duplexes, condominiums and apartments.

Since the founding of Outremont, elected with the help of citizens, ensure that the natural beauty of the site be preserved and development. Characterized by lush vegetation, Outremont contains a superb urban forest, numerous parks and flower gardens. The borough has a dozen, including the prestigious Mount Royal cemetery garden, noted for its beautiful design and sculptural monuments. Outremont parks are there to the delight of the community and are all green for the contemplative walk or pleasure, family recreation and sports in all seasons.

We also find in Outremont some of the best public and private schools in the region, including the prestigious Ecole de musique Vincent d’Indy, and proximity to many institutions of higher learning (University of Montreal, Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales , Ecole Polytechnique, etc..). The commercial channels (Laurier, Bernard and Van Horne) are dotted with restaurants and shops that are among the most famous Montreal. The many terraces Bernard Avenue, busy during the summer, give this avenue a friendliness that attracts many tourists and onlookers.

On the cultural front, the borough Outremont is a privileged account because, per capita, a very high concentration of resident artists in all disciplines. Writers, painters, printmakers, sculptors, choreographers, dancers, composers, musicians, filmmakers, directors, producers, actors and many other designers have chosen to live in Outremont, printing a particular cultural vitality to a community that is deeply attached to their living environment and quality of its environment.

In addition to this rich artistic landmark, Outremont has a network of cultural institutions of the highest order: the Robert-Bourassa library opened in 1998, which houses a wonderful art gallery; Salle Claude-Champagne School musique Vincent d’Indy, with excellent acoustics, and, since 2001, Théâtre Outremont Avenue Bernard, who has not only regained its former glory, but offers a lineup of increasingly diverse.

This plurality gives the identity Outremont distinct personality whose life community, openness to cultural differences, respect the historical, architectural and landscaping are among the main anchors.

Site of the City of Outremont

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